Web development has always been an interest for me. I have developed for the web from the early days where fighting with lack of standards, differing interpretations, or simply ambivalence. Fortunately, these days it is much easier to develop using web technologies due to the improved standards and push to adhere to them. One subject I undertook was called 'Digital Media Technologies' which focused on the most recent web development technologies and methodologies.


My published work in this area is limited. While most of the commercial sites I have developed in the distant past have either been updated or redesigned the following is an outline of some of the work I have done.

East Coast Super League

The site most worthy of note is the East Coast Superleague ice hockey website I developed. This site was developed during the subject 'Digital Media Technologies'. This subject challenged me to update my development of websites to use the latest technologies and methodologies of web design.

While the report contains a more complete technical discussion, here is a brief list of some of the technical achievements in the site.

  • Use of current technologies - XHTML Strict, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
  • DOM scripting inc. JavaScript prototypes for backward compatibility
  • Flexible, modular and reusable client side form validation
  • Cascading onchange() events
  • AJAX and visual feedback with CSS

Here is a copy of the site hooked up to a demo database. Feel free to modify the site by logging in with the username: test and password t3st.

Download the report for the user manual and other information on the site.

East Coast Super League Screenshot

Memory Lane Wedding Cars

A site I developed back in 2003 was Memory Lane Wedding Cars. This site was a fairly simple site to setup. It uses javascript for image rollovers and tables to position images - both dreamweaver and fireworks were utilised to remove some of the tediousness. While at the time, this site was technically pleasing, one would do things quite differently nowadays.

Memory Lane Screenshot

Triathalon of New South Wales

Another site I worked on was the Triathalon of NSW website. While developing this site I gained experience in both Microsoft SQL server and also Active Server Pages (ASP). The site was dynamic and could be updated by an administrator. They could add news, diary events and more.

This site was developed back in 2001 and has since been redeveloped. Unfortunately I do not have a copy to show.