During my studies, I was required to produce various reports. They include:

Following is an outline of my educational history and scores achieved.

MSc - Professional Computing

Specialising in Graphics and Gaming

2005-2007 University Technology Sydney

SemesterSubject NameScoreGrade
2007 AutResearch Project A85High Distinction
2007 AutIntroductory Mathematical Methods77Distinction
2006 SprInformation Technology Research Methods90High Distinction
2006 SprDigital Media Technologies85High Distinction
2006 AutGame Design91High Distinction
2006 AutAdvanced 3D Computer Animation97High Distinction
2005 SprGame Programming98High Distinction
2005 SprCommercial Environment of IT79Distinction
2005 AutIT Research Preparation86High Distinction
2005 AutUNIX Systems Programming97High Distinction

BSc - Computing Science

2nd Class Honors majoring in Internet Commerce

1998-2001 University Technology Sydney

SemesterSubject NameScoreGrade
2001 SprSoftware Development Case Study75Distinction
2001 SprInformation Technology Planning and Design77Distinction
2001 SprComputer Graphics Rendering Techniques93High Distinction
2001 SprInternet Commerce63Pass
2001 AutIntroduction to Computer Graphices79Distinction
2001 AutProject Managment and the Professional75Distinction
2001 AutSoftware Development Case Study75Distinction
2001 AutIntelligent Agents in Java77Distinction
2000Industry Training at SITAIndustrial Experience
1999 SprSystems Design and Development93High Distinction
1999 SprProgramming on the Internet85High Distinction
1999 SprObject Oriented Programming & C++80Distinction
1999 AutAccounting Information Systems64Pass
1999 AutDatabase Design69Credit
1999 AutSystems Software and Networks68Credit
1999 AutObject Oriented Methodologies78Distinction
1998 SprSystems Modelling72Credit
1998 SprPrinciples of Software Development B70Credit
1998 SprQuantitative Modelling71Credit
1998 SprProcedural Programming67Credit
1998 AutInformation Systems69Credit
1998 AutPrinciples of Software Development A54Pass
1998 AutComputer Systems Architecture61Pass
1998 AutComputing Practice61Pass

Certified Apple Engineer


Online certificate recognising technical understanding and application of Apple technologies.

Higher School Certificate

1991-1997 William Clarke College, Kellyville

Tertiary Entrance Ranking: 85.3