TVCs and Broadcast Design

Following a few of the commercial jobs I worked on at Digital Pictures.


This montage or 'show reel' is a quick overview of some of the shots I have worked on. Explanations of various jobs and my direct involvement with them are below.

Show Reel

Ultimate Taster

Ultimate Taster Noodles. These aliens were developed for various Japanese Nissin noodle advertisments. The aliens were all rigged using the modular rig software I developed at Digital Pictures. This software gave the animators much needed control and made rigging each of these characters very easy.

UT Montage

Greater Union

Greater Union, or regionally Birch Carol, is a large cinema network throughout Australia. Digital Pictures was required to redesign their identity shot that is shown before every movie in the cinema.

Some of the features that I developed include:

  • Developed a pulse expression to 'walk' the lights along the arrow signpost
  • Utilising Mayas particle simulations using goals, we setup thousands of stars to zoom in and form the Greater Union sign
  • Radomised the particle numbers so the goals of each particle did not look uniform
  • Developed various expressions to push 'waves' of shimmer through the sign

Greater Union Identity Birch Carol Identity

New Zealand Telecom

Another job I worked on was produced by Sachi and Sachi advertising for New Zealand Telecom.

In this job, I wrote various expressions which controlled the non-hero text to constantly be forced away from the position of the camera. As the camera made large sweeping moves, the random text would then be forced again to a new position.

NZ Telecom Direct Debit

Fifa World Cup 2002

We were required to create the opener for the Fifa World Cup 2002. For this job, I developed various expressions for enabling, walking and flickering various lights inside the satellites. I also wrote helpers to create the various soccer balls particularly the one seen in the last credit shot.

Fifa World Cup 2002

Telstra Arena

For Telstra Arena, we were required to produce thousands of WWW characters jumping around and responding to the coach. We used particle geometry instances and a script to position the characters in a random circular pattern. Finally, the end shot shows the characters running from the center of the oval, which was also scripted.

Telstra Arena

Canon Ixus

For the launch of the Canon Digital Ixus direct photo print, this commercial was aided by various scripts including one which instanced the cameras around in a circle.

  • Developed a simple expression to instance the camera in a circle

Canon Digital Ixus

Master Card

One other smaller job was to produce an end sequence for a master card advert. This ad required some popcorn in a bowl to be shaken out of the bowl. Mayas collision simulation was used plus a series of scripts to control some of the initial forces placed on each piece.

Mastercard Popcorn


This job, for the Screen Producers Association of Australia, required some waves to pass through a sphere of discs. As you can see, the discs were instanced based on an image map into a sphere representing the world. MEL expressions were then used to pass waves through the discs in order that they would flip. The test movie shows this less subtly.

Disc Spin Test

More World Cup Titles

Separate to the FIFA world cup opener was another soccer titles job. For this job, we had a series of cog-like spinning discs. Using various scripts I wrote, these disks were distributed in a spherical fassion across multiple layers. Each disk was set to spin in a certain direction, as was each layer of the sphere or 'ball'. Combining all of this movement created an extreemly interesting ball of activity.

World Cup Cog Ball