Mac Pac - OpenGL 3D Pac Man

One subject I undertook during my masters degree was 'Game Programming'. This subject required us to understand the various concepts of game development from rendering, physics and gameplay. The game I wrote was an adaptation of pacman but in 3D - MacPac.

MacPac was a great framework for me to present my understanding of game programming. Some of the features that I focused on when developing MacPac were:

  • Loading models from the COLLADA format.
  • Triangulation of the models on load and stored in vertex streams favoured by OpenGL
  • Application of a novel spline implementation
  • Separate render and game time synchronisation
  • The implementation of a unique adaptive Quad/OctTree technique for rendering and broad-phase collision
  • Model, View, Controller paradigm
  • A* path finding for the active enemies, visualisation of the A* paths
  • Active enemies with various visual and behavioural states
  • The use of a finite state machine for the states of the enemies
  • Dynamic and static lighting
  • LUA scripting and console
  • Integration of Objective-C with common C++ libraries

Download the source or the assignment reports: Assignment 1, Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.

Following is some of the images that were rendered with OpenGL.

Mac Pac Screen Shot 1 Mac Pac Screen Shot 2
Mac Pac Wireframe Screen Shot Quad Tree and Debug Screen Shot
Mac Pac Screen Shot 1

I received a mark of 98% for this subject.See Other Marks.